Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation Bible School


Today we went to Vacation Bible School at our church.
We discussed the Good Samaritan story, and watched a short video about it, as a crime scene investigation, with mugshots.

Afterwards we ate grape and pineapple popsicles. The pineapple was very good. I got kind of sticky though.

After the story of the Good Samaritan the teacher had us write nice letters to people who needed a good samaritan. We had to pick from a list of names and I chose someone named Bernadine Jones.  I wrote her a nice letter and I drew a picture of me in the letter.

Vacation Bible School is fun because there is lot's of food to eat, music and lot's of games.  And you learn stories from the Bible.


  1. Hi was very happy with his message and like your blog as well.I speak little english but i an learning . We are communicating.

    Ana Giulia

  2. Ana, é tão bom encontrá-lo. Eu não posso esperar poder saber você melhor de ler seu blog. Eu escreverei em inglês e português também.

    Ana, it's so good to meet you. I can't wait to get to know you better from reading your blog. I will write in English and Portuguese too.