Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Laptop Accessories

My PC and laptop getting to know each other better.
I'm so excited about my new laptop.

Vera Bradley Boyensberry Laptop bag.
We went out shopping for carrying bags for my laptop today.  Some of the Vera Bradley bags are really pretty, I like this one, it's called boysenberry.  Sounds yummy.

My mother said because of the material it would need to be washed often and it wasn't as sturdy as the other laptop bags we saw at Staples.

Laptop cooler.

We bought a few more things for my laptop, one's a sleeve, I can use it for my laptop when I want to put it in my back pack.  The last thing mom and I bought was a laptop cooler, because when I put it on my bed the laptop gets warm.

When we came home dad was in my room with a hand held computer vacuum and he was dusting and vacuuming my key board and PC tower.  For dad this was important. 

So I forgot to mention dad loves math but he also loves computers.  
Dust was everywhere he says I need to take better care of my things.

My new laptop carrying bag and sleeve.
They are both always saying that. But I think I need a bigger room.

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