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I love iCarly so much!

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Carly, from iCarly gets an awesome new room after her brother accidentally burns it down. In iGot A Hot Room, it's Carly's birthday and Spencer gives her a gummy bear lamp, since she loves gummie bears.

 But it burns her room to ashes. So when Spencer receives $82,000 for a an expensive watch that Carly lost in the fire, he and Sam and Freddie , along with lots of other workmen turn Carly's room from this:

(She has the same kind of bed as me!)

To this

For the blog on her birthday, click here.

Funny extra clip

My favorite character is Carly because she is reasonable, funny, and and just an awesome character. She takes really long showers when upset or thinking really hard. (She one took a chair with her.) Carly loves her brother Spencer's spaghetti tacos.

Note: The bra on Carly's laptop is George The Bra That Tells Ghost Stories.

I also like Sam (Samantha). She is mean, always hungry, and a horrible trombone player. Carly is her best friend. She is always picking on Freddie, the technical producer and other best friend of Carly. Sam has gone to jail three times (in iWon't Cancel The Show it's four) and she loves chili.

Note: The ham gives you a hint of what the iCarly.com password is. Sam loves ham.

  Freddie (Fredward), is the technical geek of the show, is the frenemy of Sam, and very smart. He often goes on and on with subjects, which bore Sam and Carly so much Sam hits him on the head, or pushes him into a bush. At times, he and Sam have to work together to do things, thus getting along. Sam once used Freddie's straw to dig in her ear and then put it back in his drink.


 Spencer is Carly's brother. Since Carly's dad is in a the Navy, and her mother is never mentioned, so Carly lives withe her 29-year-old brother in a loft. He make his "famous spaghetti tacos" for Carly and her friends sometimes, and is an artist. Spencer is very immature, childish, and weird, often setting everything on fire but fireworks. Spencer can be strict at times, but often is careless and gets himself into situations. Sometimes Carly and her friends broadcast Spencer's sculptures on iCarly, their web show.

                 Note: The robot on Spencer's laptop is one of his sculptures, called The Bottle Bot.  One time Spencer fenced with it.

Gibby (Gibson) is Carly, Sam, and Freddie's other best  friends who makes appearances on their webshow. HE often takes off his shirt, stating "Gibby!" He is clueless, and at times very weird (wait, that's all the time), and he has a little brother named Guppy, a miniature Gibby. Gibby shows his mean side in iEnrage Gibby, and in iPsycho , when he fights Nora all the ways into her basement to save Carly, Freddie, and Sam. While he fights Nora, Guppy, his little brother unlocks the door and they run out.

The reason they are all cartoonish is because Socko (a friend of Spencer's) cousin was hired by Sam to draw them.


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