Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview With Brother About Favorite Foods (He's only five)

I'm going to interview B! (My 5 year old brother) I'm P.

P: B, what is your favorite food?
B: Chicken nuggets, the ones that mommy makes.
P: Okay, what is your favorite dessert?
B: Soy Cream.
P: What is that?
B: It is gluten free ice cream.
P: Interesting, what are you allergic too?
B: Wheat and milk and barley and eggs.
P: Do you like cooking?
B: Yah, I love to cook cakes and I love to cook cookies and pancakes!
P: Wow that is a lot! What do you like to eat as a snack?
B: I- uh- chips!
P: Oh, so what type of chips do you like?
B: Uh- Lays!
P: What type Lays?
B: The-uh-yellow ones. Regular.
P: What do you like to eat on the go?
B: I like to eat chips on the airplane and cookies in the car.
P: Are you a piggy?
B: Piggy? No.
P: You are very cute.
P: What do your feet smell like in the morning?
B: Chocolate.
P: Your weird.
B: I'm not weird!
P: What are you doing?
B: Rolling!
P: On my bed?
B: Yep!
P: This interview is over.
B: What, what did you say? What did you say Priya?
B: Okay.

Well folks, that concludes a very weird interview. My brother thanks you all.

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  1. Priya USA, your blog is really good. I love all of the bright colors, and your little brother sounds cute.