Sunday, August 21, 2011

My New Laptop

Hi People!

I got a new laptop, in fact.... I'm typing this post with it right now!!!!!
Now I have two computers. My laptop is for school even though I'm only in fifth grade. My new school is so cool. They allow electronics, but only for work purposes. Today we went and bought the laptop, and we set it up as soon as we got home, which took about two hours. I love my new computer, because now when I'm on the road I can work on my blog!

My laptop has a DVD player, two USB ports and an awesome desktop wallpaper!

It's so much different than my PC. I feel more private. It's because when I'm on my PC sometimes my parents or my grandma, or even my little brother will approach me, sneakily, looking at what I'm watching or reading online. But with my laptop, I'm on my bed, facing my door and closet so if anybody comes in, I can see them.

My laptop is a Windows 7, and it comes with loads of games and programs I can't wait to try! And I really like to type using the lap top because it's comfortable. My father wanted me to have this laptop so I didn't have to wait for the other kids in my class to use and finish with the other five computers in home room, because there is like twenty-nine of us. But I can also use this computer in computer class at school.


  1. Hi Priya, it's mommy and I still want to know what you are reading and watching on your own private lap top, ok kiddo. I love you.

  2. We can take laptops and netbooks to school to. But my school has netbooks for the students to use in school you can't take them home. Have you seen the new Mac laptops?