Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sam Orders Food

Hello people of earth!!!

Today I'm sick, my throat really really hurts, and I have pink eye, so I'm going to stop thinking about my sick body parts and post these totally random videos all about Sam Puckett ordering food but doing things that are utterly weird to get her food for free. Sam is very lazy, so she hates working for her food. That is why she has to get it for free. Click on the play button two times for it to play. Or maybe it's just my computer. Here is one of the videos.

 Warning: This video may cause nausea, vomiting, uncontrollable sweating and a funny delivery guy.

These "surprises" may be "scary". (Their not really scary.)

Watch Mexican Fiesta Platter  first!

Pizza Guy

Meatball Hero

 Warning: At one point in this video there will be something that may be scary to young children. The things is actually not that scary but it may be to little kids, five and under. Maybe even six.

(Okay, it's not scary!! Ya happy now!!)

Mexican Fiesta Platter

Sam is very gluttonous, so she often fights people for her meals. Her best friend is Carly, and her worst enemy is Freddie. her frenemy. Read here for more info. Scroll down until you see a picture of a blonde girl holding a laptop with a picture of ham on it. Her real name is Samantha Puckett, and her twin sister is Melanie Puckett, who is just the opposite of Sam, always polite, sweet and very nice to Freddie, while Sam is not. Sam has a mother named Pam Puckett, who doesn't get along with Sam. Despite, her laziness and meanness, Sam is a skilled rapper, tap dancer, and she can speak fluent Italian. She can also play the trombone, though she's horrible at it.

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