Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Continued From... Cat Stories From The Past

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Toy Toy must of felt bad because she killed one of the baby mice, yeah she was not coming back to the mice to...

                                     Play with them.


This was more like it. She put it on my mother's pillow, (it was a cat gift, beware if you have a cat and your house has mice) and when we woke up, she saw a dead rodent on her pillow.


They washed all her bed linen!

I'm not guilty, honest!!!

When I was a baby, we had like five cats.

 I normally didn't get this close to them, but...

One morning, I rolled off the bed! The bed's headboard was against, the wall. Mom said I was just learning to stand up and I liked to move my legs up and down like I was dancing.  I held on to the headboard but then let go. I rolled until I was under the bed. My mother had been holding my leg, but she said she was really tired from being up all night with me because, she said I had very bad projectile reflux, and she was tired.  So she momentarily let my leg go.  Under the bed, there was one of of our cats. I thought it was Porizkova, but mom said that it was Kukula. I wasn't hurt and just sat there the cat sat with me and watched me.  Mom said she was hysterical but was thankful that I wasn't hurt. Kukula thought SHE was the mother. Kukula was head of all the cats, that's why she sat there with me.

Duck 1# "Let's bolt!"
Duck 2# "No, no he seems nice. Look at those mini ducks on his paws! I'd like to meet em'!"
Kitten: I'm going to eat you.

"Who do you think your lookin' at! I'm a fully schooled, licensed with sports car dog! I'm not guilty! The laundry came alive and fell on me!"

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