Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brixton Br2thers: The Ghostwriter Secret

Brixton Br2thers: The Ghostwriter Secret

By Mac Barnett
Illustrated by Adam Rex

Steve Brixton is a twelve-year-old detective who is obsessed with a series of books called "The Bailey Brothers", by MacArthur Bart, who is also Steve's hero.

Steve doesn't get along with his mother's boyfriend, Rick, a police officer. Rick often tells Steve how he can't manage his detective agency and the real heroes are people like himself. But when Steve receives a call one night telling him to come to Victor Fairview's estate, he soon realizes he has a case to solve.

He goes to the estate, only to see Rick there. Victor tells them that his red diamond was stolen, and Steve soon figures out the diamond is in the drill Rick is holding.

After taking the diamond away, Steve learns there's an even bigger mystery afoot! MacArthur Bart, the author, has been kidnapped, and Steve, along with his best friend Dana,( who is actually a boy) have to save him.

'Spoiler' Do not read these last few boxes (highlight them) if you haven't read the book!!!
The end has a twist. MacArthur Bart turns out to be the crook, pointing a gun at the boys heads.

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